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The Sugar Leggs Women's Club 

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Ladies, will you let me help you? In what way you ask ? Permit me to explain. I have lived long enough to remember so many young ladies who never earned more than $60,000 or $70,00 per year.

Isn't that a shame?

They carried resumes and went on appointments got some and didn't get others. Always heard the pitch that said can I offer you $10,000 dollars a year more than what you are making now? 

I'll develop this more on my blog goo.gl/qzVuB8 

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I have blogged about the importance of using the old and the new, when it comes to generating business. My program is designed to benefit teachers and track and field entertainers. The most important word on this page is "help". I need your help to refer them to my tweets and my blogs. 

They need my "help" to get to the Upper Middle Class Income Levels. 

Did you know if you earn $55,000 per year and this is the only revenue you have, your hourly revenue stream is $6.28. Come learn a way to improve that. 

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The Sugar Leggs Women's Club is teaching and training on Business Skills. Would you like to join other young female adults like yourself and help us build it? I am building it so you get a chance to work side by side with other bright women. The things you will learn will help you follow a path that leads to financial sturdiness.

We encourage the building of relationships that last as friends and business associates throughout your lifetime. We know we have a winner. If you do not have a plan right now for what clubs you wish to join, start with The Sugar Leggs Women's Club.